Youth Strong

School Based Mentoring, (SBM)

For nearly two decades, educators and policymakers have recognized that personalizing and injecting mentoring and or smaller focus centered work groups can play an important role in improving student achievement and success, particularly for young people who enter high school without a solid academic foundation

Why School Based Mentoring

Because the vast majority of mentoring literature focuses on community based mentoring (CBM), we will pay particular attention to:
School‐based mentoring, (SBM), especially SBM directed to high school students. Creating and sustaining mentoring relationships that lead to desired outcomes  
Youth Better Equipped to Win and Succeed at Life

Better Learning Dynamics

  • Breaking down large high schools into freshman academies, career academies, and other types of smaller learning communities has become a common reform strategy. These structural changes are often complemented by the implementation of other strategies such as teacher advisories and family advocates (Quint et al.,2008).
  • Many schools districts are also introducing programs such as tutoring and internships that connect individual students with specific adults. Student mentoring programs, in particular, are becoming an increasingly popular personalization strategy
  • Research has shown the importance of caring adults in the lives of children and youth.