Winning ToDay

Winning Today

We often speak about Times and Seasons…
about your new season coming into your set time …

What is the one thing… the one element… the factor,
that separates one time in our lives or one season from another?

Yes  …, its Today…. your right now… this moment.
In fact, Today is the culmination of all your yesterdays.

You are/ we are right now, everything we’ve been
eating … doing… thinking …. hoping for living for believing for.

That’s you right now today!I

Today is the tomorrow you and I have been waiting for,
you’ve arrived…it’s here today.

Think about this right now, You and I are the persons we have been in the process of becoming!

Today …good or bad …every habit and series of good choices… good decision
every not so good habit,  “those 10 – 15 pounds I had lost 6 months ago…, yes I need to lose them again !!!”

You are right now, all your faith, all your persistence, and preparation.

Here you are, ToDay.
So choose a new mantra…, Say it with me now… out loud!!

ToDay My Best Day