Decide To Win

  • What do we mean… ToDay Matters:

  • if we want to win at life, we must first win the day 

  • it’s been said: the secret of a successful Life is found in what we do daily
  • It’s the process of discovering how to make every day a masterpiece?!
  • As we learn to master each day….we duplicate our Best Day results

Where to Begin?  Reflection and Self Discovery

Answering the first major question: Who Am I? Am I Living a Life with Purpose?

  • What are Paradigms …. and how do they shape our actions?
  • Self Discovery – Truly assess where you are:

What Philosophies about the world are currently shaping your life?!
How self-aware are you….? 

How much are you guided by the influences of your circles….

  • family? culture? social economic status? politics?