Stay On Track

Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is the best teacher. Reflective thinking is needed to turn the experience into insight. We draw lessons from the past only when we study it. (John C. Maxwell)


Over the weekend while channel surfing I caught the last few laps of
a Formula One speed race.  In addition to the prep, tuning and garage time,
designing and refining the engine to gain whatever so slight advantage.

Once race day arrives scores of race time decisions and adjustments are
made on part of the pit chief, crew, and driver.

The vision of competing, qualifying and ultimately building a winning
team was set months, perhaps even years ago.  A plan followed the vision,
and the execution of the plan required realistic, measurable and achievable goals.

Here we are it’s finally racing day,  you’ve done it!  You’re in contention to win.
As with the crew, it’s necessary to gauge the conditions, the track, the tires,
and the fuel.

Make ToDay a Great Time to spend a few Moments reviewing Your Year so far.
To achieve goals, we stop…, reflect and evaluate.
This is how we grow, this how 
You get better.

Win@Life, LiveOnPurpose

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